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As long as it is legal, moral, and ethical, we will provide the goods and services you need to help you do Nashville well.

Nashwell is a concierge services that connects some of the top health & wellness goods and service providers in the greater Nashville area to the people who need them - as conveniently as possible. Our service providers are highly trained in their areas of expertise and, where necessary, have undergone background checks. All are competent in providing high-quality VIP-level services to our clients. 

A note from our founder

  Elly Haddad, Founder

Elly Haddad, Founder

A common theme most people share is that of an ever-increasing level of stress in our modern, fast-paced world.

I have been working in health & wellness for ten years. The theme for all of my business endeavors is enabling people to live their healthiest lives possible through teaching them how to reduce their stress levels and increase their self-care. It wasn't until I suffered a bout of sepsis and had major surgery to repair and reconstruct my hip that I realized there are many practical components that contribute to managing stress that often get overlooked - the trees in the proverbial forest. Sometimes, it's more important to assist someone who is overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks of modern survival than to worry about whether or not all of their food is organic or non-inflaming or in line with their blood-type, etc (but I do value these things, as well). Once the practical needs are met, the client is better able to gain perspective about the 'next step,' and whether or not it's something they want to tackle. 

While fitness services and health coaches may be popping up right and left, and concierge services seem a little vague or only for those with a trust fund, Nashwell provides a comprehensive one-stop shop where we can provide a complete menu of services to meet your needs, and adjust as your needs change, whatever those needs may be.

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